Camera Crew Italy

Camera Crew Italy

Uplink SNG Satellite Services for Live Broadcasts, Streaming Video, and Web Cellular IP | Expert Live Production Studio with LiveU Technology

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Expert LiveU Operator for Captivating Live Broadcasts

  • Skilled Operator
  • LiveU LU 500 or 600
  • High-quality Camera
  • Camera Headlight
  • Sturdy Tripod
  • Comprehensive Microphone Kit with Wireless Option
  • Optional: Laptop with Editing Software

Cutting-edge SNG and OB Van Facilities in Italy: Elevating Broadcasts for Seamless Performance

Specializing in UHD/HD Outside Broadcast facilities, SNG Mpeg4, ENG, and Ultra Slow Motion services, our company offers ENG Crew, mobile editing, IP LIVE Aviwest Body Pack, catering to TV news, reports, sports, commercials, documentaries, and live streaming solutions.

SNG and OB Van facilities in Italy

Our on-site facilities to support your productions and transmissions include:

  • HD and UHD SNG trucks with 1 to 3 live cameras and tape playout
  • HD OB Vans with 5 to 12 cameras, equipped with EVS, Box Lenses, and Commentary positions
  • HD ENG crews with mobile editing facilities - Broadcast Equipment rental
  • Live IP Video streaming and CDN
  • Downlink and IP delivery

Uplink Satellite DSNG: Enhancing Connectivity for Broadcasting Excellence

  1. Everything you need for your TV coverage in Italy and its surroundings, with the flexibility to travel throughout the country.
  2. News, Sports, and Features. Our services cater to TV crews, film and field editing, local producers, and journalists, offering a flexible approach, excellent camera skills, competent editing skills, and experience in shooting live events.
  3. Camera Crew Italy specializes in microwave videolinks rental, wireless cameras, and satellite equipment, owning SNG trucks.
  4. DSNG / SNG Vehicle Services / Flyaways, informative events, or major sports events (live satellite broadcasts), mobile production units / OB.

Uplink DSNG satellite Italy

Efficient FTP Transfers with LiveU, Aviwest, BGain, DSNG, and 4G Connectivity

We offer reliable DSNG (SD or HD) trucks with redundancy, operating on Ku band, DVB-S or S2, and Mpeg 2. Leverage your own capacity or utilize a slot on a suitable satellite from the Eutelsat fleet. Specify your required bandwidth, and we'll provide a quotation, including the space segment.

Enhance Your Online Presence with Live Streaming Services

Live Streaming with LiveU, Aviwest (DMNGPro), and Comrex (LiveShot)

Our camera crews in Italy are equipped with advanced bonded cellular technology, delivering high-quality video over IP. Hire ENG crews directly for breaking news, sports, and corporate work, including interviews. Experience seamless streaming with LiveU, Aviwest (DMNGPro), and Comrex (LiveShot) on location.

  • LiveU
  • Mobile Viewpoint
  • TVU
  • Aviwest
  • Dejero
  • KA-SAT
  • Teradek
  • Comrex
  • Quicklink

SNG IP Satellite News Live Streaming Video

Explore our OB facilities, offering HD/SD DSNG trucks, production facilities from light stand-up to HD multicamera vans, playout, uplink satellite services, editing, post-production, IP contribution services with Ka-Sat NewsSpotter, and an IP multiformat contribution network.

Satellite Uplink Live Feed Service Monocamera

Our mobile unit is equipped with a 12-channel video mixer, HD-SD monitoring systems, six SD-HD full-digital cameras with remote control systems, linear editing, and equipment suitable for broadcast video contributions. Additionally, it features slow-motion BLT widely used for replay in the context of live sports events.

Uplink Sat SNG

Unlocking Potential: SNG Rental Opportunities

Services offered include:

  • Live streaming of SNG to IP with multi-camera or mono-camera productions
  • Live studio streaming from Perugia, Florence, Rome, and Milan
  • 24/7 streaming of satellite TV channels
  • HLS streaming to IOS devices (iPhone/iPad/Android)
  • SD-HD quality video
Streaming live video production service in Italy

Unleashing the Power of Streaming Video Services

Use for:

  • Breaking news
  • Outdoor live shows
  • Interviews
  • Live events (sports, political, ...)

Highest quality video streaming available on the Internet

  • Instant On
  • Fast Channel Switching
  • No Buffering
  • HD Quality Video
  • Adaptive Bit Rate
LiveU Solo 4G cellular live video transmission encoders

Our technology is trusted by the largest brands to deliver enhanced quality of service streaming beyond the edge network:

  1. Affordable, sustainable streaming
  2. HD Quality Streaming
  3. Proven Scalability across all devices
  4. Precise Real-Time Reporting
  5. Improved source signal acquisition

Key features include:

  • Stand-up position for live program inserts in SD & HD
  • 2-camera studios for live program inserts in SD & HD
  • Playout (multi-format)
  • Fully-equipped live stand-up and studio + radio commentary positions

Live stream events and explore simultaneous streaming to multiple destinations. Stream conferences, meetings, and more to unlimited websites and social media platforms.

Unlocking Potential: SNG Rental Opportunities

Explore a range of services, including SNG to IP live streaming, multi-camera productions, and studio streaming in Perugia, Florence, Rome, and Milan.

Unleashing the Power of Streaming Video Services

  1. Discover high-quality video streaming for breaking news, outdoor live shows, interviews, and various live events.
  2. Our trusted technology ensures affordable, sustainable HD streaming with proven scalability, real-time reporting, and improved source signal acquisition.
  3. Key features include stand-up positions, 2-camera studios for live program inserts, playout in multi-format, and fully-equipped live stand-up and studio + radio commentary positions.
  4. Stream events to multiple destinations simultaneously, including conferences, meetings, and more, reaching unlimited websites and social media platforms.

Ka-Band 4G Cellular Live Video Transmission Encoders

Cameracrew Italy offers a comprehensive range of packaged services to cover major world events in Italy. Aviwest systems and 4G SIM cards are available for short-term rent, reducing logistical issues associated with event coverage.

  • DMNG PRO 4G video uplink transmitters
  • 4G SIM card packs from local operators
  • Mobility kits comprising DMNG PRO backpacks, batteries, and battery chargers
  • On-site delivery and support

Seamless Live Broadcasting Solutions with LiveU Transmission

LiveU 3G streaming live service

Delivering high-standard solutions with the flexibility of remote LiveU transmission, ensuring reasonable costs and last-minute bookings. Our specialists and highly qualified camera operators have a decade of experience in national and international broadcast services, making them an active resource for device assistance across Italy. The technical team consists of specialists, camera operators, and two journalists with video reporting skills. Our company serves mass communication networks on a daily basis.

Broadcasting Services

Providing a fully qualified team of experts, from broadcast engineers to camera operators and editors, to cover remote transmission for live events, sports, and news coverage through LiveU technology, streaming, and satellite uplink in SD/HD. Our 24/7 coverage enables clients to broadcast major events around Europe, relying not only on live feeds but also on editing and FTP transfer for secondary content.

Seamless Productions with SAT Truck and ENG Crew Services

  • HD SNG Truck for 1 live camera uplink
  • 1 SAT Truck Operator
  • 1 Tech Manager
  • 1 Camera Op (1080HD Picture)
  • 1 Audio Op
  • 1 Utility for cabling
  • 1 Director PL party line for comms (Sat Truck/ Cam Op/ Director)

Technologically advanced, our OB Van DSNG (Digital Satellite News Gathering) is equipped with all the functional equipment for satellite video connections. Satellite transmission allows the live sending of videos or satellite uplink services for news, sports, interviews, shows, and corporate events with a wide range of technical equipment, from simple stand-ups to fully integrated OB Van/SNG with live shooting of up to 6 cameras.


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Camera Crew Italy

Satellite SNG Uplink Services

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Booking for the satellite all with the SNG and technicians

Top Streaming Service: Enjoy Unlimited Entertainment

Our Ip streaming system provides a high broadcast quality that allows live video transmission (HD and SD) from any location around the Italy. Ip solutions are used daily for breaking news and high-profile events, such as a political campaign, major sport events, and natural disasters.

TV Production and Transmission Services in Italy

  • multicamera ( 4 – 8 – 12 and 20 cameras) HD/SD OB Van’s,
  • satellite SNG trucks with live stand-up position and P/O facilities,
  • multi format ENG cameras, editing suits and
  • technical production Support equipments for live TV broadcasting via satellite.
  • live streaming via internet.
  • HD facilities which offers DVB-S/DVB-S2, MPEG-2/MPEG-4, 4:2:0/4:2:2 transmission with Connectivity to the Global Network service.

Our multilingual team has over several hundreds of hours successfully live production & transmission experience on international sports

DSNG (uplink + space segment).

We have cameraman/camera (Sony HD, SDI signal).

  • Satellite capacity at affordable price
  • Teleport facilities in Italy
  • Delivery to CDN
  • Distribution Over IP
  • - Equipment for streaming

Satellite Up-link Solutions

We can provide the following broadcast services in Italy.

  • SNG satellite truck + Outside Broadcast (OB) van with 1 to 6 HD cameras
  • Lighting facilities;
  • Live stand-up positions and broadcast Studio productions;
  • ENG crew: Program director, Cameraman, camera crews, Soundman, Video Engineers, Technicians
  • Teleport (TVRO and TX/RX Ku-band antennas) and play out services
  • Web streaming and public internet signal transmission;
  • Graphic design services;
  • Commentary booths, studios, mixed zones, and flash zones
  • SNG and OB van Service
  • Studio and live standup Italy Milan Rome Florence Perugia Tuscany (with uplink)
  • ENG Crew
  • Full Camera Crew with equipment

LiveU Solo Streaming: Enhance Your Broadcasting Experience

LiveU Solo streaming live

Video Spotlight: Advanced Production Facilities

OB van and SNG Facilities

HB, Unilateral feed and News coverage facilities

Cameracrew with over 20+ years of experience on providing broadcast services on below mentioned territories is pleased to inform that we operate a fleet of bellow OB facilities: 5 to 10 cameras HD OB Vans Eutelsat approved 1+1 and 2+1 HD SNG trucks ENG crews & editing Unilateral and News Feed Commentary positions, studios, live stand-up

Streaming Broadcast Equipment rental

We operate fleet of HD quality broadcast facilities covering

Italy : Vatican, San Marino