Camera Crew Italy

Camera Crew Italy

Professional ENG Crew in Italy: Credits, Portfolio, and Audio-Visual Services with Editing and Post-Production Facilities

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Our Esteemed Clients

With several years of experience, Camera Crew Italy has become a recognized leader for both national and international broadcasters. Our Company boasts full HD equipment, highly skilled cameramen, and technicians to support diverse production needs. We can also manage directors and handle all production organization to facilitate your work in Italy.

Professional Video Production in Italy

Among our esteemed clients are national and international networks, government agencies, universities, private companies, and regional TV broadcasters. We continually evolve through investments in technology and training to meet the current market requirements.

Comprehensive TV Broadcasters Services

  • Event Filming
  • Corporate Videography
  • Business Conference Filming
  • Interview Style Filming
  • Multi-Camera Filming
  • Post-Production Editing
  • Voice Over
  • Video Encoding
  • DVD and BluRay Production
  • Professional Photography
  • Video Encoding: Codecs, Formats, Containers, and Settings Explained

Advanced TV Broadcasters Services

  • Laptop for PowerPoint Presentations
  • Clicker for Speaker Slide Control
  • Video Recording Device for Laptop Presentations (with Sync Audio Track for Easy Editing)
  • Autocue
  • Additional Laptop for Video Calls
  • 2 Tripods
  • 2 Cameras
  • 3 Radio Mics (and a Backup)
  • ATEM Type Device (to View Camera Outputs on Video Calls)
  • Lighting for Single Person and Three People Talking on a Sofa

Live Broadcast and Studio Services

  • Live Stand-Up Position near Stadiums
  • Live Broadcast Studio
  • SNG Satellite Truck and OB Van (SD/HD)
  • Tape Play Out in All Formats
  • ENG Camera Crew
  • Sony FS5 or FS7 or Panasonic EVA with ATOMOS Recorder (depends on availability),
  • Canon 5D for Photostills,
  • Sennheiser Tie Clip Mics for Audio Interviews.

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Camera Crew Italy

Client Portfolio

  • Crew
  • Assistant Camera Operator
  • Gaffer
  • Grip
  • Swing/Set Decorators
  • Sound Operator with Full Field
  • Sound Kit
  • Hair/Make-up
  • Fixer/Producer/Assistant Director
  • Driver
  • Still Photographer & Camera
  • Crew Van
  • Lighting & Grip Truck
  • Remote-Controlled Quad
  • Helicopter with HD Camera

We offer a camera operator with Sony FS5 (or Sony FS7 if preferred) + Atomos Shogun Flame Speedbooster; lens: 11-16mm 2.8/18-35mm 1.8/24-70mm 2.8/70-200mm 2.8 (Sony 28-135 f4 cine available if you prefer Sony FS7); raw files footage or xavc file footage; full HD or 4K at your choice; a second camera for B-rolls and smooth movements: Sony A7s Mk2 with DJI Ronin M gimbal light kit with stands.

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