Camera Crew Italy

Camera Crew Italy

Camera Crew | Media facilities | Uplink sat | Troupe eng | Jimmy jib | Editing video | Steadicam | 4K camera hire | Audio boom operator | Crane slider gimbal | Drone expert | Streaming live | Tv production | Broadcast service

Camera Crew | Facilities video | Uplink sat | Troupe eng | Jimmy jib | Editing video | Steadicam | 4K camera hire | Audio boom operator | Crane slider gimbal | Drone expert | Streaming live | Tv production

Film crew Italy

Facilities video, shooting video, uplink sat, troupe eng, jimmy jib, video production, rental equipment, audio assistant in Florence, Rome, Milan, Perugia, Assisi, Bologna, Siena, Ancona, Rimini, Pesaro, Viterbo, Rieti, Terni, Genova, Turin, Venice, Sanremo.

Filming in Italy

Our camera crews, sound recordists and directors are all highly qualified, experienced and well respected in their field. We shoot on the latest digital and high definition formats: XDcam HD, P2, HDCAM, HDV, and Mini DV. We can shoot in either PAL (Italy). Camera Crew Italy is owner of the most advanced audio video equipment and of digital and HD mobile means used to make TV shots in the show business, sport and music fields.

Camera Crew Panasonic P2 in Italy

DSNG / SNG vehículos servicios - broadcast producciones - transmisiones por satélite en directo - La producción de servicios de television - Estudios de transmission - ENG cámara

Camera crew Tv broadcast service Video in Italy

Offering English speaking Eng/DoP Camera Crews with 4K/HD cameras, field editing, FTP delivery.

Jimmy jib crane Triangle Stanton Extreme

Need Stanton Jimmy Jib rentals in Italy? The Jimmy Jib Triangle is a camera crane with a remote control head, it can be rigged to various lengths, from 6 to 40 foot.

Cameras: It takes pretty much any camera. Video or Film, Red camera or Dslr.

Length: These are under-slung heights below, for over-slung add 3 feet:
- Standard 6 foot reach 3 foot tail 10 foot height - Standard Plus 9 foot reach 3 foot tail 13 foot height
- Giant 12 foot reach 3 foot tail 17 foot height
- Giant Plus 15 foot reach 6 foot tail 20 foot height
- Super 18 foot reach 6 foot tail 22.5 foot height
- Super Plus 24 foot reach 6 foot tail 27 foot height
- Extreme 30 foot reach 9 foot tail 32 foot height
- 40 foot 40 foot reach 9 foot tail 43 foot height
For 3 foot tails you need a 6 foot radius, for 6 foot, 9 foot and for 9 foot 12 foot radius. So to swing the crane 180 degrees with a 9 foot tail requires 12X24 feet and 360 degrees a 24X24 foot space. Please remember that the bigger the jib the less versatile. Bigger doesn’t always mean better.

Jimmy jib Triangle Stanton Extreme

Weight: Maximum camera weight is 50 Lb, on all lengths except the 30 foot and 40 foot where it’s reduced to 25 Lbs

Time: The Jib takes about an hour to rig, for lengths up to 18 foot, and over 2 hours for the 40 foot. You may need to leave a little longer if the location is a way from the parking for the van.

Bases: On Location the Jib is mounted on a Tripod, this can be mounted on its rolling base, enabling the base to be moved between shots on smooth, firm and flat ground. If you want the jib to be rigged on a slope “it can be done” but you will need to build a flat platform especially that will hold the weight of the jib. I also have a studio pedestal rigged with hi hat for the jib. This can hold any length under 30ft but is best with anything up to 18ft. The ped gives you a much wider scope in the studio environment and means that you can reach every corner of the studio with relative ease and speed.

Cost: The Jimmy Jib is one of the most cost effective ways of creating that big production look at a low cost. For a break down of costs just drop me an email or give me a call.

Health and safety: We take health and safety extremely seriously. If for any reason we feel that the safety of any persons is being compromised in any way we will look at how else the shots can be achieved. Please bear in mind that if the shot can’t be done with minimal risk, it can’t be done. Risk assessments will be done on site as conditions often can’t be determined until the day in question. The Jib always comes with a 2 man crew, Jib operator and jib technician.

Italy rental Jimmy Jib

Crew troupe eng

Troupe service for TV camera crew & production companies, providing professional crews for the best in broadcast TV light entertainment, music concerts and events.

- 1x cameraman -
- 1x assistant for lighting and sound
- Sony FS7 camera kit including lighting for cinestyle interview and sound (1x lapel and 1x overhead boom)
- Audio can to be taken on 2x seperate channels. Ch1: Lapel Mic, Ch2: Boom with shortgun MKH416 or equivalent
- Footage can be sent over Wetransfer after the shooting

Red camera shooting video

Obvan broadcast tv production

OB-Van up to 6 cameras HD, Broadcast television production, satellite transmissions, multi-camera live studios and remote SNG productions, SNG crews, fly-away packages, news and corporate production, editing.

Obvan tv production live event news

Video Facilities in Italy

Eng crew assures high quality and cost effective production with high end digital technology equipped OB and DSNG vans. Camera crew Italy has among its clients national and international networks, government agencies and universities, private companies, TV broadcasters, regional, etc. The evolution continues with investments in technology and training allowing us to meet all current requirements of the market. Drone shooting – action cam shooting – ground shooting in the cities of rome, milan, venice, florence around the main landmarks of each one.

Studio production video editing Assisi Perugia Umbria Rome

Professional camera crew team

Troupe XDCAM HD in Italy

Eng Crew is complete media production; camera crews, high definition videos, PAL Camera and Crew Hire.

Uplink Sng Satellite

Ob Van UP-LINK Sat live service stand up, playout and transmission. Available Resources Satellite capacity with booking on a pay per minute basis From 4,5 Mhz to full transponder in various orbital positions Eutelsat Ka Sat 9 A service including fibre IP delivery on a pay per GB basis. Booking available for special events 24/7. Camera operators and editors to cover remote transmission for live events, sport and news coverage through LiveU technology, streaming and satellite uplink in SD/HD. A 24/7 coverage allows clients to broadcast major events around Italy relying not only on the live feed, but also on editing and FTP transfer for secondary content.

Uplink sat live video booking

4K camera hire

PXW FS7 - EOS C300 Mark II - PXW FS7 M2 - EOS C300 - PMW F55 - PMW F5 - PMW 350 - EOS 5D Mark III - EOS 5D Mark IV - EOS C200 - PXW X500 - PMW 200 EX1 XDCAM - AG-UX180
Zeiss primes set (8 lenses)
Audio on camera plus Tascam recorder
Cartoni tripod
Director monitor
Small hmi light kit (2 fresnel/ 2 bowens with softbox)
Led panel 1x1
Sennheiser mic (shootgun and/or MKE40)
Camera operator and audio guy

Eng Crew with Sony FS100 or FS700 in Rome Florence Perugia Assisi Rimini

Soundman boom operator

Professional soundman/boom operator with complete audio equipment packages for documentary, fashion events and feature film, national and international film crews, features films , tv commercials, documentaries, interviews shorts and Indipendent projects. Good knownledge of written and spoken english and spanish.


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Camera Crew Italy

Camera crew

Eng crew camera shoot in Italy

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Sony Fs7 camera with a Contax Zeiss fast primes lens set
tripod manfrotto
with an operator camera

Sound guy with Tascam recorder, Sennheiser wireless mic (mke40)
We have a hmi daylight kit

Technician are english spokeman

Shoot in Rome, Italy with english speaking sound recordist plus some lighting equipment.

ENG crew one man in Rome Perugia Milan Turin Florence Venice Assisi Lombardy Piedmont Lazio Umbria Tuscany. Troupe full equipment HD / SD format.

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training videos - conference videos - event coverage - web video production - soundman - sound mixer

We could offer for a low budget kit with 2 cameras as requested (Panasonic AG- HPX171) who could record as requested + tripods.

Camera (Canon C100 or C300, Sony F3 or F5)
Lav mic
Shot gun mic
Audio recorder to plug into sound board
Lighting led equipment

We are in Florence, Rome, Milan, Perugia, Assisi, Bologna, Siena, Ancona, Rimini, Pesaro, Viterbo, Rieti

Jimmy Jib service

Specialist Jimmy jib Triangle Stanton mod. Extreme 30 feet

We сan provide services for event:

  • Live stand-up facilities live broadcast studio facilities

  • HD / SD availability Eutelsat 10A delivery

  • Multiformat tape playout facilities

  • Live Stand positions 

  • Play out facilities 

  • HD/ SD Dsng truck on exclusive 

  • ENG crew 

  • 4G/5G backpacks 

  • Exclusive DSNGs and ENGs 

  • Pool signals available

  • 2 camera setup

  • Shooting on Sony FS700s or similar

  • Lighting, sound (lapel mic fine), green screen.

Aviwest, LiveU, Dejero and TVU backpacks; ENG crews with camera equipment, wired and wirelesss microphones, editing software and cameraman. The recorded material can be sent on-site via 4G backpack or via FTP. Provides HD and 4K recording equipment, journalists, fixers, producers, etc.